Awesome Twirler Program
Motivated by the lyrics to "I Can Only Imagine", our Senior Dance Twirl Team music of 2005-2006, our team wants to reach out and recognize our fellow twirlers around the world. We want to inspire you to:
  • Always do your best and twirl with excellence,
  • Share the passion of our sport with others, and
  • Compete with sportsmanship and appreciation for the talent of others.
The Dynamics invite you to join us in extending the hands of friendship to other twirlers. On this website we will be posting information you provide when you are recognized by one of our members. "We Can Only Imagine" how many twirlers will be touched by our spirit of sportsmanship as we pass on the message of good luck and best wishes for many happy twirling memories.

To get to know your Awesome Twirlers, click here.

As we recognize special twirlers around the world, The Dynamics would also like to honor one of our own team members. Alyssa Lewis, age 8, has juvenile diabetes. We are constantly amazed at how she has learned to cope and manage her condition while continuing to participate fully. In honor of Alyssa, The Dynamics will contribute a portion of our profit from every team fundraising event. If you would like to help in this effort, please visit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation website.